How to boost my credit?

I have credit, not necessarily good, but I have some. How do I raise my credit score?

First thing is to pay off or resolve any adverse issues on your credit report. If you don’t have any and just want to build credit, then the most viable option is a credit card. There are hundreds out there and just about everyone can get one, although lower credit scores may have to get a secured one (pay a deposit of $200 to get a $200 credit line). Use it for something you already have money set aside for, such as gas or groceries, then pay it off with that money.

But, it’s a slow journey. There really isn’t a ‘boost’ to it. Good luck.

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You might take a look at Experian Boost, which can increase your credit score. Also, I have accounts with Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. But I don’t know if these latter two can increase your score or not.