Improving credit score

Which credit card accepts poor credit? How do I get a credit card with a low credit score?

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I’d like to know, too.

I’d suggest signing up for sites such as Credit Karma, WalletHub or NerdWallet. They usually suggest cards based on your credit score. If your credit is bad, you may have to get a secured card, which means you put down a $200 deposit for a $200 credit limit, but you will get that back if you make all your payments. You will build your credit the same way as any other card.

After my bankruptcy 4 years ago, I got a secured card and eventually got my credit score up in the high 600s. I now have quite a few credit cards and credit accounts.

Good luck!

First Premier Bank, Capital One, Credit One are a few that offer cards to low credit scores without a security deposit.

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Do you have an idea what your current credit score is? If not go get a free account at Now that is not a FICO score that you will see but a model scoring system that Credit Karma uses. To get a better understanding of your FICO score, subtract 35 to 50 points from what you see on Credit Karma.

Let me know that number and I can help direct you on which route to go.

If you’re considering hiring a credit repair company to help with improving your credit score / credit repair then you can check out reviews and learn how you can avoid scams from this article: https://www.creditrepairexpert…it-repair-companies/