RE: Working from Home


I’ve been getting these emails about available jobs via the Penny Hoarder newsletter. I read the job description, then fill out an application.

My question: Is anyone else experiencing a “no response” from the companies? Also, how does one follow up with these companies to show that there is interest and not just filling out any application that comes down the pike?

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No response is typical of any company, not just those that have online jobs. When I was out of work, I send about 20-30 resumes per week and heard back from approximately 5% of them. I got interviews with about 1% of them. Etiquette says you can reach out to them regarding your application if you haven’t heard back from after about a week.

Good Luck.


Thanks, Jeremy. I’ve followed up with the ones I could and still get no response. Hopefully, I will be sucessful with a company that has me doing a second step to employment: a typing test and an internet test.

It’s possible the companies are closed due to the pandemic. It’s now mid-summer. Have you tried contacting them again?

Yes, I’ve contacted them multiple times and still no response.