Refinancing Auto Loan

I financed a 2017 car in May of this year. My rate is 11.9% being that I didn’t have an excellent credit score, and I only began building my credit around two years ago. I know that the rate is fairly high, and have seen how I am paying more interest than the principal balance every month. Please share your knowledge, as I am new to this credit game. When is it a good time? Should I shop around? Anything else helpful? Thanks in advance!

I’d look into refinancing. Has your credit score improved? If so, you can refinance for a lower rate. I’d check out a credit union, as they usually have better rates.

If you’re member, refi w/credit union.

I am new to this game of investing. In my country I have tried to invest but the problem I’m having is the economy melt down presently. Things are very hard…