School Fundraisers

As a mom of 3, I usually do not participate in most school fundraisers, but still feel guilty. Does anyone set this into their budgeting?

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I have 2 kids in Gr4 & Gr2. I don’t participate in most fundraisers as I just don’t need whatever ‘stuff’ they are selling plus it really isn’t in my budget. I do let 1 child get the occasional pizza slice on Pizza Tuesday (pizza is $2/slice) and might let them get a snack or popcorn at the school movie night (popcorn is $1 & candy is usually 2/$1, the movie is free to attend) I volunteer at the school with fruits & veggies days (free fruit or veggies & milk is distributed to all students in the school twice a month) and I help on some pizza days. I also volunteer in the classrooms & on fieldtrips. I feel that my volunteering is my contribution to the school as I don’t work outside the home due to my oldest child’s medical condition. Plus with the age my kids are right now, they love seeing me at school.


I use to feel guilty because I couldn’t afford the
fund raiser at school but usually there was all
ways a teacher or some one who would buy from
our kids so I didn’t have to worry about it. I’m glad
now that our son is older and don’t do these any more.
But we have a granddaughter who just started school
but hasn’t asked us yet/

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I was with some friends with elementary and middles school-aged children and they were talking about their frustration with school fundraisers!

Schools around here have about 5 fundraisers a year. One really cool thing a mom in the group I was speaking to does, is she gives each of her kids a “fundraiser” budget for the year. They get to decide what fundraiser they use it for. They can spend it all on the jog-a-thon or buy a candy gram from the valentines fundraiser and some chocolate bars for the candy selling fundraiser.

I think this is something I’m going to do when my daughter gets older!


I get hit up by my granddaughter every Fall. I usually will order the cookie dough and a roll of special wrapping paper because I know that I will use both of those. I was a PTA President for a few years with my kids and I know how hard up school budgets are and how much money that teachers actually spend of their own money on their students so I always try to buy something to support them. PTA moms work really hard all year long and take care of a number of things that most parents do not even realize. They do not get public funding it is all donations and fundraisers!

The school fund raisers are a big imposition on the children and their families, it comes down to I will make a donation and not order any product. I used to volunteer for the school when I had children in school, there was always a fund raiser just around the corner, I found it was really difficult to get the money for the orders.