Senior Discounts

Looking forward to retirement, I’m wondering what types of senior discounts are available out there. I’m going to start researching but wonder if there are lowered rates for cellphone service, property taxes…things other than my senior meal at the fast food restaurant!


Hi Jeanne, hope you can retire soon. I’ve been retired for 3 years and feel like it’s my birthday every day!! Love Love Love it! I’m in Florida so there are senior discounts everywhere here.

Not only at many restaurants but also many stores have senior discount days. TJ Maax is Mondays, Kohls on Wednesdays, Walgreens is one day a month they announce, etc. Most of the theaters, local attractions, exhibits, museums, live musicals and plays, etc offer senior discounts. I’d say the average is 10-15% off.

A lot of the retail and restaurants here are offering military discounts as well.

We don’t have reduced property taxes in my area unless you are under an income threshold. Have not noticed discounts on cell service or other utilities here.

Here’s a link (scroll down past the coupon book offer) with a list of stores etc offering senior discounts


Thanks! I guess I have to admit that I’m a senior and start asking for the discount everywhere I go!rolleyes

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Go for it, it will offset the downsides of being a senior! wavey

Every major store and restaurant offer discounts and some offer freebies, all one has to do is just ask what days they have senior discounts and what the percentage off would be. A lot of businesses start senior discounts from the age of 50.

Years ago my mother said to me one day, that she couldn’t wait to turn 55 years old, I asked her why, what’s the rush, she then mentioned that she could go to Walmart show her drivers license (with her real age) and get a percentage off her total bill.

As for cell phone service, most will give discounts up to a certain percentage if you work for various large companies that the cell phone service has contracts with, I work for the Texas Department of Transportation we can get 20% off service with AT&T if we let AT&T know whom we work for. Also we can get hotel/motel discounts too by showing our government id card along with our drivers license.

Car rental companies also give discounts as long as you ask.

Airlines give out senior discounts if you fill in the age part/click on senior citizen box when purchasing tickets online, their starting age is 62.

It never hurts to ask, the most they can say is No…But have FUN.

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I found a good source of discounts plus they get you more discounts is AARP. I think it was $15 for me and my spouse to join at 50.

I worked for AARP, in their Senior Employment Program. Great Program for those who have almost poverty level income. By providing job search skills and all that entails. My problem with AARP and what it offers is that you have to be a well off retired person or someone who has had a great career and has set themselves up for a great monetary retirement. Unfortunately, my career was unsuccessful and I only have SS to live on.