Should I get a new or another used car?

I have never had a brand new car, one the color inside and outside that I want. I settle for a car I like, used. I try to get gently used, 1 to 4 years old, low miles, but still, usually those are not the color inside or out that I would choose but can deal with.

I am considering ordering a car exactly how I want it, inside and out. I know financially this is stupid. But I would for the first time have a car exactly how I want it.

So, should I order my first brand new car exactly how I want it.

Or again buy one I am content with. Car payments suck, sucks worse to pay for a car you dont love.

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Well Rick you should stick with a good used car

i think you already made your choice , you know the old saying, we only live once, if you can afford it, go for it

Yes, sounds like your minds made up.

My current car I also wanted particular interior/exterior colors, it took me two years to find exactly what I wanted and I still love my car and Im glad I waited and shopped around. It was 4 years old when I bought it, as I personally cant justify buying a brand new vehicle.


@rick.campbell If you can afford a new car and you really want one, go for it! Sometimes it’s worth it to be frugal in other parts of your life so that you can splurge on something you really want.

Whether you decide on new or used, is it possible to wait to make your purchase? Car prices for both new and used vehicles are unbelievably high right now so it would probably pay off to wait just a bit.

As an example: I was curious so I got an online quote to see what I could get for my 2016 Kia Soul that has 30K miles on it. I paid $16,200 for it five years ago and finished paying it off in December. Usually, you’d expect it to have lost about 60% of its value by now. But I had multiple dealers quote me in the high $13K range. One offered to beat any other dealer’s offer by $600, so I could have gotten $14K. I’m not selling it, but it was pretty eye-opening!

Whatever you decide, hope you find the perfect car for you!

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Have had new and used cars, and would never do new again. The new ones loose about 33% as soon as you drive them off the showroom floor or the lot. We have found that Carmax is very fair on their trade in offers and outright sales. Buying a used car from them lets someone else handle the initial problems during the breakin period.

If you opt for new, and have a note on it, buy the gap insurance, it is well worth it.

I think in this case, like many others, if you have to ask, you know your answer.

I looked at the crossover I want, new and used/new. When I say used/new, I mean same year as new but previously owned, rented, leased or used for loaner. So low miles, but, driven off the lot you can say.

The cost is about $10k to $15k cheaper, so there is your quick depreciation.

I guess my thing is this, I can find the car I want with SOME of the things I want, barely used, cheaper.

BUT, it is not the COLOR I want, with the seats I want, and the INTERIOR COLOR I want, and may or may not have most other options.

Due to back, leg, neck, and other issues. I am hooked on the 30 WAY SEATS of the new LINCOLN AVIATOR. You can literally adjust the seats perfectly for you. They are the first to actually support my head and neck, shoulders, everything. They are heated, ventilated and MASSAGE!

This would really help me, I can find them in barely used ones, just not as easy and usually not the interior or exterior colors I want.

Will try to post some pics of it.






If you really want a new car and it’s financially in your ability then have some fun.

However, if it’s about the numbers game and you want to look into it, have you ever done the math on how much it would cost to grab a used and then just have a shop turn it into what you want? Sometimes that’s an easy work around to get the same kind of style/design/car you actually want for less depending on what you want done.

I have an 04 hatchback that has always been a warm weather car so its got a good body and frame. So despite the fact it’s not my “dream car” it’s cheaper for me to upkeep it, upgrade it (especially because I do most of my own work), and drive it till the wheels fall off than to buy my dream vehicle.

I guess the car I am looking at is not a dream car, more of a nice and comfortable car to drive and be in for long trips, which I hope to take more of in the future.

A dream car eould probably be something sporty but considering I just sold a Corvette Convertible because I seldom drove it, its more about having a nice comfortable daily driver.

Sadly my current car kinda spoiled me with a lot of convenience and driver assist things so of course if I get another one it has to be equal or nicer than this one.

I can afford the one I want, I just hate losing that initial year of payments in value just for driving it off the lot. I may get what I want on the inside and what I can be happy with on the outside and save $15k by getting one with 10k or less miles. I can get a 2021, the current new year, with under 10k miles and save some money, actually several I found have less than 5k miles on them.

Not in a big hurry to decide, will see what happens.

I have ordered the car I wanted (years ago) but would not do it again. The salesman forgot to order power steering! Being very young and naive I took possession of it, drove it off the lot and discovered his error. Then the dealership played a game with me, one day saying they could install power steering but I’d have to wait for them to get the parts which would take about 2 weeks, then said they couldn’t install power steering. This went on for about 2 months when my employer stepped in to help me. I ended up getting a totally different car which I was never happy with. It was a terrible experience. My husband and I did buy a new car (a leftover on the lot) but got a very good price on it. We always buy used vehicles, usually from private people, not dealerships. If you can find something with the inside the options and color you want, you can always get the outside painted whatever color you like. That is my opinion, FWIW. Good luck with whatever you decide.

I think I am going to wait and then buy a barely used one with under 10k miles that has the interior that I want. If I hate the exterior color I can get it wrapped which would protect the original paint anyway and give me the color I want, maybe even a better color because I dont have to stick with just what the manufacturer offers.

Thanks to everyone, and thanks for the input.