Hi everyone! My name is Anne Marie and I live in Auburn, WA currently. As beautiful as my state is, it’s FAR too rainy and in the summer, everything catches fire, it seems like! I never know what to do about it, so I do nothing!

I’m NOT a fan of the state, and would like to move BACK to Ohio, where I grew up (I’m from new jersey originally) in the greater Cincinnati area! The cost of living here in Washington state is TOO **** HIGH and prices of homes are just OUTRAGEOUS!! Maybe I watch too much tv, but there HAS to be a state out there somewhere (besides, like, Arkansas) where homes are reasonably priced, aren’t there?

Anyway, I thought I’d just drop in to say hello and to ***** a little bit about my life! Feel free to ignore this post! lol


Welcome to the Penny Hoarder Community!

I know what you mean when it comes to not knowing what to do about it.

I feel like I have been stuck in North Dakota for too long. My main reason for wanting to leave is the simple fact that it is just too cold here.

Every year in the winter I swear it will be the year I move to FL but still haven’t yet.

Moving is never an easy decision but if it gets to the point that the pros of moving outweigh the cons, I would just say you have to go for it.

My wife is graduating school in 2 weeks which was the main reason we were still stuck here, so it is looking more and more like a move may be possible in the near future but selling a house and the fact you mentioned about housing being expensive nearly everywhere is certainly an obstacle to that.


Welcome to the community! A cross country move is complicated and such a pain, but I’m sure will be worth it once you are able to make it happen.

What brought you out West?

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I’m from Cincinnati and I’ve been in Georgia for 24yrs. If my arthritis wasn’t so bad I’d move back. Housing is affordable and so close to Kentucky!! It’s like having the best of 2 states.


Welcome @anne.smith! Like @moore.income I’m in state that is just too darn cold (Minnesota). Dreaming of a move to the East Coast if things work out in our favor and the housing market becomes a bit more reasonable. Cincinnati is a good city that is only getting better. Good luck!


I have homes in both Maryland and Florida. Both have good ones as well as bad ones. (Winter in Maryland, Summer in Florida LOL) To quote my grandfather “Any place is good as long things are going well” Of course, he moved about every six months!


I’ve lived in Washington State myself and “yes” it is way too expensive out west. And, access to things we have in the midwest are limited (& this was well prior to Covid). Companies don’t want to ship all the way cross county.

I’m in Indiana now. Housing is cheaper, however it is not the quality of craftsmanship I grew up with in Michigan.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered there is no perfect place to live. They all have pros and cons and with climate change, things are a moving target.

Good luck to you!


welcome to this great community, every one is kind and caring, and helps each other out, you will enjoy this, community


Welcome, Anne! We’re supposed to move to Washington state (military orders). We’ve been looking at houses online, and the prices are so high right now.

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