Work from Home Jobs & Home Buying

What kinds of documentation do I need in order to have a bank take my work-from-home income into consideration when it comes to home buying?

My fiance and I both work full-time jobs; I’m a teacher and he is an assistant manager in a retail store. However, I have also just begun teaching with VipKid and opened a shop on Etsy. What kinds of documentation do I need to keep track of in order to have a bank take this extra income into consideration?


You need your business license for Etsy and you need to do a 1099 form of the income that you have received.

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A 1099 form, and a business license is needed for Etsy.

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While I have not purchased a home, I have gone apartment hunting while self-employed. I would usually have the following ready when asked about my income:

  1. My last two years of income tax returns
  2. My latest checking account statement (to show recent income)
  3. A few recent pay stubs or invoices from freelance client work
  4. Copies of any contracts I had with ongoing clients.

(It was a lot of paper. Gotta love a good manila envelope to haul it around!)

Since you have a full-time job PLUS additional income, I’m curious as to what other homebuyers might recommend. What sort of documentation has VIPKid provided? Is that workload consistent enough for you to show a history of income coming in after a few weeks/months?


I just recently spoke with my lender about this. In order for a self-employment income to be counted in a mortgage pre-approval, you need to have worked that job for at least 2 years.

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