Selling handmade jewelry

D84FA3E1-17A0-431A-AAC1-5C21A44ADD05HELP I make jewelry. I make jewelry with geodes real jams leather braiding metal safety pens little bit everything. I have tremendous debt. I need to know where and how I can sell my jewelry. I tried to let go and offer up and nothing. Amazon and eBay really Don’t do handmade.HELP HELP PLEASE

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I’m new here. Have you tried ETSY?

Good Luck

Have you tried ETSY ?

How does Etsy work? Like ebay?

Your jewelry looks well made and it beautiful. I hate to be a “downer” but there are thousands of people on Etsy selling jewelry similar to your style. To add to the concern, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon…all the online venues…are requiring the collection of sales tax throughout the US as of 2019. It’s almost impossible for a seller to stay on top of the various sales tax collected by states, counties, cities, etc. Etsy and Ebay are collecting it for you, but you must keep an accounting right now of what the buyers pay on your items because so far, ebay is lumping the sales tax they collect on your behalf into your annual 1099 and leaving it up to you to break those numbers out so they are not counted as income to the IRS. Although you might do this yourself, if you sell a decent amount of goods, these tasks can be best done by 3rd party organizations, like Tax Jar. Which of course means more fees and your fees at both Etsy and Ebay are constantly rising.

In other words, on line selling got very complicated last year with new tax laws passed by congress. I’m sure some folks are going to try to avoid setting up a legal business, but the word will be out now and that probably won’t last too long before some tax entity, ie IRS comes knocking at your door.

From reading I’ve been doing, many small scale sellers are looking at and moving to Facebook marketplace which acts more like a local Craigslist/resale type of market. For now, the IRS is leaving those type venues alone.

Another option is local craft shows or farmer’s markets which may charge a nominal fee to set up a table(s)

I hate to burst your balloon, but do a lot of research on the current state of Etsy, Ebay, Mercari, Amazon, etc. There are several Facebook groups devoted to all on line venues, usually with the worst possible scenarios, but it is an eye-opener.

Wishing you the very best, because I have been an Etsy and Ebay seller in the past, and currently my shops are inactive until I figure out how seriously I want to sell. Up to now it’s been a hobby. So I’m either going to have to decide go go full boat or bail out.

Esty, try the Facebook marketplace

Your jewelry is cute! Have you tried Instagram? Watch JewelryTV or something to see how light is used in displaying jewelry, take new pics, post them with tags. Remember to set up a website with e-commerce integrated

Really nice stuff, @amanda.f.martin!

Have you looked into Amazon Handmade? They have a separate section specifically for craft vendors. I also suggest Etsy. Handmade/vintage goods do particularly well there.

You may also have some luck selling locally through Facebook Marketplace or as a vendor at a local weekend market.

(I wrote a guide recently that might be helpful. It covers 15 websites to sell stuff online, including Etsy, Amazon, Marketplace and several other popular ones.)