business development

HI can you guys pls help me, i started this amazon bus development and i have a web site I have dropship site, I have facebook business pg etc, but I really am lost on actually what you do to make money can anyone help, they said when the orders come send them, but getting orders? pls help

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I’ve not tried Amazon…yet, but I have sold on ebay and Etsy and found the best source of information is within each website forums. People there are very helpful (in general, some trolling but I ignore it)

Within my online venues I have found research and keeping on top of trends is essential. You must also keep track of every penny of your expenses. Ebay and Etsy both have raised their seller fees recently and both now collect fees on your shipping costs. I had a bad habit of ignoring the basic fees and after several increases over the years, they were really putting a dent in my profit!

All the online sales sites encourage (highly) that you pay them for additional placement and promotion and over the years I’ve become convinced that’s not a bad idea BUT, first you have to have a very marketable product and that comes right back to you.

Wishing you much success. It is hard work! Lots of time involved which gets better as you work your way through their systems and find ways to simplify your production and shipping.