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Can the group give me some tips on buying from I have enough profits together to buy a nice sized returns bundle or similar but I don’t want to buy some things that turns out to be worthless or useless, Thank you.

What about Amazon returns? how would I go about that?

You can make some money with but you need to be very careful with what you buy and who you are actually buying it from, as they are simply an auction site. And of course you need to make sure you don’t pay too much. Look at the manifests and compare the UPC’s to items that have actually sold on Ebay and lowest price on Amazon (if that is where you are planning on selling them).

Personally I would stay away from all return loads, but many people buy them if they can get the right price. Keep in mind Amazon FBA returns are reviewed by Amazon and any returns in the condition they were sent are put back into stock to resell. The rest get dumped randomly into boxes. Depending on the category and the day, you can expect up to 50% of the returns to be complete garbage that has to be disposed. Another 30% missing parts etc (many people buy an item on Amazon, take the part they need and then claim the item is wrong and return it for 100% refund). That leaves maybe 20% that is good salable product.

Also, if the returns aren’t directly from Amazon, someone else has already gone through and cherry picked the best items before creating the bundle that is offered for sale on

You can buy new loads on but they are normally unbranded Chinese junk that someone else couldn’t get rid of.

Shelf pulls of name brand items can have 10% to 20% damage as well but at least you are hopefully getting some things that actually have some demand.

The bottom line is advice that has been given many times before, and that is don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Especially while getting your feet wet buying liquidation.

Good luck to you!

I have not personally purchased any pallets or returned goods but the other day I had a lady stop by my yard sale who said she purchased a pallet of clothes to try and sell at her boutique.

She said it was not worth it as she got tons of clothes with rips or stains and the time it took to sort through it all made it not worth the money.

2 Likes is my main place to source. I buy Amazon clothing returns.

I only bought new items but fell into the cheap Chinese quality situation.

I had been bidding on a pallet of clothing thinking it was returned goods but it turned out to just be USED clothing for kids.

The bid ended and I didn’t have the funds available the date that was required so I asked for a 2-day extension on payment. Well, they said no to that and my punishment was that they completely closed my buying account.

It actually probably saved me $350 that I’d never make on a pallet of name brand but USED & worn with wear and tear kids clothing.

I had just gotten into the buying and selling of liquidation goods and I was addicted and buying weekly. I was planning to sell the leftovers of all my bulk goods at a local mega-mall (discount mall) that I’d rent for a few months around the holidays. Price per item was super low. But I got fired before building up enough product to sell.

Just one persons story!

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