Selling My Things

As the New Year Begins, I find myself looking for additional ways to make money. While looking around, I thought about all the stuff I have and figured I could sell some of it. I have no interest in doing a yard sale, mainly because I don’t have a yard, but I have heard of people selling their things online.

Does anyone have recommendations on the best places to sell your things online? I’ve heard of OfferUp but since I’ve never used it I thought I’d ask around here and also ask if there’s any other suggestions as to where else I can sell.

Thanks for reading this and Happy New Year!


I’m looking to do the same thing- have used Ebay and Amazon in the past but don’t have the time now to do all of the posting, mailing… etc. I know there have been articles about this- but what has really worked for other people?

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I personally sell on eBay but that is because I do a lot of reselling.

When it comes to selling personal belongings, I prefer Facebook marketplace as it is local and allows me to avoid all the extra things that come with selling on eBay: shipping, fees, taxes, etc.

Facebook Marketplace can be frustrating at times because people will be interested but then not show up but it just is the easiest way to sell stuff because you also don’t have to deal with returns.

When my wife and I moved out of our apartment last August to travel the US, we sold most of our personal belongings and furniture on Facebook Marketplace without a problem.

If you want to sell on a bigger platform than just locally, I would recommend checking out Mercari, which is a little easier to get the hang of than eBay.


I’ve had decent luck in the past with LetGo if you live somewhere with a decent amount of people. Small urban city or larger, I’d say. I’ve also had luck with Facebook marketplace, however these two options are best for meeting people in-person so consider the pros and cons of meeting with strangers! Poshmark is a lot of work BUT if you have any bigger ticket clothing items, it may be worth it (it wasn’t for me). I almost used ThredUp because they have an option where you can send in a bunch of clothes and they will pay you for what they keep and recycle the rest for you, however I didn’t use them because they pay an absurdly small amount. Have you considered Craigslist or just making posts on your social media? Most of the things I sell (besides bags of clothes I take to thrift stores) sell to friends via my Facebook profile.

Thank you so much for the selling on line advice. I have been selling on eBay and seem to lose money because the shipping is more then anticipated or my item doesn’t sell in the first post so eBay sells it for way less then what I paid and plus I have to pay a monthly fee to use eBay. I just love Penny Hoarders they and their community has helped me in so many ways. I was into management for 25 years but was diagnosed with a chronic illness and had to fight for my life. I lost everything and I owned a home and so much more. I am now at 54 starting from scratch and I really need all the investment, saving and money making tips without being taken advantage of. Thank you to everyone. Sincerely , Vickie Lynn

I hired an estate sale agent. They organize, sell and take a portion of the sales. No, I’m still alive, but I don’t do yard sales and ebay seems like a lot of work. The hardest things to sell or donate are my clothes. I have leather coats and jackets in every color. My Chanel handbags, my daughter does not want. When I hear of a woman returning to work, I will make her a capsule wardrobe to begin her new career. I have brands from all over the world. Any ideas?

I’ve never even heard of Facebook marketplace! I’ll definitely look into this one as local is definitely better for these types of sales. I appreciate this suggestion!

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions!

I’m 6 days off work this week and day 1 consisted of taking inventory of all my clutter, I had a good friend help with this. I had 2 bags of old clothes I didn’t need/want! The ones in good condition are being donated and the one that are not are being recycled (I didn’t know this was a thing, thanks to my friend!).

I still had even more clothes that I never wore or wanted along with some really cool things as well, those will be sold online.

I’ll post an updated after my first sale!