Anyone else "bomb" at selling stuff online??

Im out of work during the summers, so I usually declutter and I decided to list some new items on offerup and craigslist. Ive had a couple nibbles but no serious buyers. I do post complete discriptions and numerous pictures but to date Ive sold nothing! I ask minimum return on stuff so Im starting to wonder if the ones who are interested are expecting it for free?



YES! I’m running into that right now, where before I would sell on FB Marketplace or local groups almost before I finished posting. I put up 13 items last week- a nibble on only one but with no follow-up. Its crazy. I’ll store my things until I want to get rid of them bad enough to donate, then I’ll do a Free group. ???

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Many times FB offers free stuff, I wonder if that has any effect on your attempt at sales. What are you trying to sell?

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I find that if I post up popular brand names I will do much better.


I posted some brand new (Garnier) skin products on Offerup a couple days ago. Got a reply within an hour, “is this still available” so I reply, “yes, where would you like to meet to exchange”. No response.

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@arica posted:

I posted some brand new (Garnier) skin products on Offerup a couple days ago. Got a reply within an hour, “is this still available” so I reply, “yes, where would you like to meet to exchange”. No response.

Ugh, I hate that! I think people just ask that on anything that catches their eye.

I would not do things in person. I would utiize Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark. whereby the seller has to make payment to you and then you mail the item out.

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Im completely comfortable meeting someone in a public place to do an exchange.

I like to believe their are more good people than bad.

Besides, Id just as well rather avoid the fees on these sites as Im already selling low.


Same, Arica. If I’m feeling like they are sketchy, I meet in the police parking lot. But honestly, and I’m in small town NH, it’s not been an issue.
Also, I don’t ship because I just cant be bothered getting to the post office. ?

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I l listed many HIGH End shoes on poshmark. I should have looked at their site better. It’s like a facebook community where you basically have to "react to others posts & “friend” ppl to get your listings shared and out there. I have NO interest in that but I played the game for awhile…I did sell some of the cheaper sandals, but by the time you add shipping etc. oh and a “love note” what? You make no money. Brand new guess sandals 7.00, add shipping 7.95 do the math FIRST. Save yourself hours! I will now post on FB Marketplace. NO shipping or love note. SMH


I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘minimum return on stuff’?

The 2nd hand market is generally going to be pretty cheap and most people aren’t going to pay you for what you bought the item for.

That said, some items are just unsellable. For example, someone might buy a plastic toy gun or an old RC car for $15-20. But nobody’s going to buy an advanced physics textbook book that’s like 10 years old, for even $1 because most college curriculums won’t use that book anymore.

You might save some time by either:

  1. Selling stuff that has a wide market appeal / product-market fit. And if it isn’t selling, think about why nobody wants to buy it.

  2. Once you know you have a bucket of items that a lot of people will wanna buy, sell those for higher than normal prices. And once you have a bucket of items that you really don’t think people will buy. Also start at higher prices and then keep lowering them until you hit like a $1. If still nobody buys it, it’s time to donate it. Better to take an L on the money than have the clutter and an unsellable item, since it’ll just eat up time you don’t have.

I am really good at selling things for a profit. I’ve been doing it all my life.

I used to flip anything I could get my hands on in college and made pretty good money.

So when I started making online income, selling things was my specialty.

I would buy anything irresistible that people were looking to sell and turn a profit. It didn’t matter if it was a golf club or an engagement ring, I bought items for dirt-cheap and resold them at a high mark-up and got free money essentially.

Not only did I make a nice return selling used items, but I also had fun in the process.

It didn’t take me long before people began coming to me with their unwanted stuff instead of trying to sell them on eBay or Craigslist themselves.

I eventually stumbled across this book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. And it blew my mind wide open.

The idea that you could buy something and sell it for more blew my mind. I had always felt like it was an illegal activity, but I guess not.

But the idea of buying used items, fixing them up a bit then selling them for a profit went against everything I was ever taught about money.

You see, certain side gigs are only side gigs. They are never supposed to interfere with your day job or they become a distraction that you’ll regret later on. That’s why I love flipping items, I can’t go all day about them.


here in my state its either junk … or the prices arent even worth considering… and mailing out UMMMMM NOT EVEN CLOSE to what the price of the item is worth… youd pay almost that plus to ship it… not worth the hassel.