selling on offerup, letgo and marketplace

I have had 4 or 5 things sitting in each of these places, w/ pictures for 2 weeks now. what are some suggestions to get the items to move?

My tell about the items. Not really sure because I’m not
sure what your selling. You my be able to make pins with
them on Pinterest and get people to go to each of these
places and my be buy them

It really depends on your market and if the items you are selling are what people are looking for.

For example, in my area, I am starting to see a lot of college textbooks this past week. This is due to the fact that we have 2 state colleges and several other colleges in our area and school is ending. I imagine most people will be able to sell their textbooks because other people in the area will need them for next year.

If your items aren’t selling, it might mean that you need to lower your prices or simply that there is nobody in the market for them in your area, in which case you would need to figure out a different place to sell them.

I know shipping can be a hassle, but an app like Mercari might be a good option for you as it allows you to sell outside of your local area.

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I’ve not used those selling venues, but am familiar with marketplace. I sell on ebay and etsy and what I find important are competitive pricing on like items from other sellers and good photos (and often many photos) in order to best show the true condition of the item.

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I took multiple pictures of the purses. I photographed the outside and the inside of both

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I know what you mean I have had a purse that isn’t movie either.

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i sold 2 prs of sunglasses on next door, saturday. i’m going to list some more stuff and then i’m going to begin lowering prices on stuff.
btw, the sunglasses i sold were dollar store sunnies, that i sold for $5/pr