Selling items through apps/online

Hi, I was wondering which sites/apps you would recommend for selling items. I’ve used Mercari, eBay, PoshMark, and Facebook Marketplace to buy things. However, I know that on most apps/sites the seller doesn’t make much, at least that’s the case with Mercari and PoshMark. I like Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor because they are local and I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping costs. Craigslist kind of creeps me out because I’ve heard so many disturbing stories that started with the site. I don’t understand how to sell things on eBay, just how to buy them. Also, I’m not sure of pricing. I have everything from furniture to men’s and women’s clothes to cat supplies to books to accessories and expensive purses to kitchen appliances and plates, bowls, pots, pans, etc to electronics, etc. Everything is in good shape and works. I just need help figuring out how much and where I should try to sell all of it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.