I made some coins selling @ Plato's Closet

Sooo, selling online is not going well for me… I took some things to Platos Closet and walked away with $28.xx cash, not bad for what Ive had sitting around not being worn.

Ill be giving away and donating what they didnt accept because of style/season or condition.

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And I think that getting rid of necessary clutter is so good for the mind that even if I have to donate it, I’m better off.

my children always say to me, if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it, so i do, nice way to make some extra money

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Glad you were able to make some cash off your clothing.

Selling clothing online can be tough as there is such a wide variety of clothing available.

Interesting! I need to do this. I could certainly get rid of the tons of clothes I have. Thanks for sharing and hang in there.