I feel stuck. How do I get my e-commerce biz going?

It’s hard to find something I am good at because I am stuck trying to have the right information. Like warning labels, name labels, ingredient labels etc. I tried making soaps, candles, foot scrubs but I can’t seems to have the right information for the labels. I am very stuck on how sell to sale, labeling, and getting customers. What can I do?

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Instead of making products to sell, since it is difficult labeling properly, I have a suggestion, and quite possibly it could be your answer…or not. Have you thought of writing a “how to” type of book for all the DIYers out there. More people may be interested in making some of the products that you would like to sell. The problem with selling, you may be stuck with a lot of inventory and very few buyers. Or if you do have buyers you may run out of inventory and customers aren’t usually too crazy about waiting the time for backorders to be filled.

The type of products you are talking about may very well plink interest and a lot of people may want to try for themselves making a facial scrub, candles, foot scrubs and creams at home, but would not buy them online. I’ve read about people self-publishing on Amazon e-books but I no longer have the link. I’m sure you can search and find it. I do remember that selling for $1.99 and up gives you a better royalty from sales than going the $.99 route.

I sincerely hope that I didn’t rain on your parade. I only want to help and it is only a suggestion. I, for one, love DIY books, and more so than YouTube because I like to have instructions and suggestions to refer to constantly without having to spice or find the spot on the video that I need to refresh my memory. You can have photos in your step by step or draw out the steps.

Whatever you decide, I hope the best for your endeavors.

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What kind of e-commerce are you doing or want to do. I see you have tried a couple of things. Do you product now you want to launch? Are you looking for another company to partner with whose done all the “labeling” liability work already? There’s a number of ways you can go. Let’s “chat” about this. This is a great community to get ideas and connect with people.


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Thank you for the information. I decided to make samples and give them away as samples to try.