Does any one make home made crafts and sells them.

I’ve learned to make necklaces and earring.
I crochet and make digital crafts to. I all
can make bows and headbands.

I’ve loved making crafts since I was little.
I learned to make a rag doll and took a cookie
tin and learned how to make it into a sewing kit.
I learned to crochet and knit when I was young.

My questions is where does every one sell there
crafts and how would do you sell them for?

Thanks Bonnie


At the moment, I am not doing any.

But in the past I have made and sold soy candles.

These are always a good seller and are actually quite fun to learn to make!


I know there are members in the community that are skilled in this field. Many people sell handmade goods on Etsy. These days, it is important to have a social media presence when selling online.


@moore.income thank you I never though about making candles.
I’ve seen my daughter take crayons and make candles from them
and all so she made candles from other candle waxes, Wonder if
some one would buy them?

I will look into soy candles thank you again

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@KIRSTEN CHERRY yes that’s was what i was thinking about
doing is selling on etsy. eBay is high on prices. Very true about social media
presence online. Thank you for your time

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Yep! The best resource I have found and personally used to learn how to and also to buy my materials was Candle Science I still have some of my candle making stuff and might even start my biz back up again sometime in the future.

I got branding stuff (stickers with logo) etc from Vistaprint. You can find cheaper ones out there it just depends on how much you are going to print.

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@moore.income thank you for the link and i’ll look in to it
sounds like fun

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