Selling mid-grade jewelry

I have many nice items of jewelry I would describe as mid-grade costume jewelry many Avon, Lia Sophia and other similar brands. They are not cheap but not precious stones either.

I am looking for suggestions on how and where I could sell them for the best value.

Thanks in advance


I don’t have any experience selling jewelry but I do sell on several marketplaces that I would recommend.

eBay is always a great go-to marketplace as there are quite a few people who buy on the platform and you have a greater chance of selling used items. Just make sure you describe the items condition correctly and provide lots of pictures.

Mercari is an app that makes selling items such as jewelry fairly simple.

Bonanza, is a site that caters more to that niche, I am just not sure how well used items sell on that marketplace.

Another option is Facebook Marketplace, this can be much easier than some of the others as you don’t have to worry about shipping or fees.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Moore Income.