You can save $ yet Take excellent care of your/fur/feather babies, + Help Other Pets while your at it!

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I adore all of God’s creatures but caring properly (shots, annual exams, Heartworm, Tick/Flea Prevention costs Hundreds! of $'s a year and I know a-lot of folks everywhere but esp. in senior housing where I live simply can’t afford to do all their babies need, therefore they “give-up” their beloved pet and are miserable, and often the animal is “put down” for no reason except lack of funds, But ,WAIT! Before you do anything drastic ** Check out places in your area that provide care according to your income, We have a couple places called SECOND CHANCE and they do so much, it boggles my mind! They offer shots, all types, that are given 2 days a week, spec times at such a discounted price you would be a FOOL not to partake, and at a minimal price! I found my Angels- It’s a vets called Second Chance- They provide ALL kinds of assistance, you must show proof of need, but, thats not hard these days for many of us, If you ask most Americans if they have an emergency $400.00, they don’t have it. I not only look and assist the Second Chance by volunteering to walk animals that have had surgeries, but, they have lists of items they desperately need to keep the Vet Clinic going. I asked if they had a list and BOY! did they! They needed whatever I brought them in 2 Lg boxes of items- and they were thrilled + I felt wonderful! It allows them to help others with their pets and me and my babies as well. I encourage everyone to offer assistance of some type if you can. You’d be surprised at what they need. Lg white towels-they rewash. Pen/pencils/Paper for their fax machine, anything to run an office, Paper Towels, Cleaning supplies for the exam rooms…etc…Jump in, you’ll not only help yourself and your pets, but, many, many others. You will FEEL like a million bucks too! Giving is better than receiving-but I have found “One hand washes the other” is just if not better! Good Luck to you!


What a great post. We have a cheaper vet option near me also. The store Tractor Supply has a sign for people with pets who need shots and such at a affordable rate. They have special days posted at their stores.

This is a great post.

I like these posts, and I am going to try the information. thanks

Excellent ideas, @choosefreedom Thanks for the reminder about donating towels, newspapers, volunteer walking, etc. Used to do this but haven’t lately…I needed your encouragement.