Saving money on pet meds

This is my first post, and let me begin by saying that this is not self-promotion, and I have no personal interest in promoting this company/web site, but I saw the article this morning on saving money on pet expenses, and thought I would share this info. I have saved a ton of money on my dogs’ (6 of them - all but one are rescues) flea and heartworm meds during the past 10 years or so by buying from a web site called . They are located in Australia, and you do NOT need a prescription from your vet. This enables you to save money two ways: First, since no Rx is required, you don’t have to see the vet to get your prescription. Second, you can order the medication for any weight range, then cut up the pill for the size animal(s) you have. I have heard two arguments against doing this, that the medication could be counterfeit, and that the medication is not distributed equally throughout the pill/chewy, so each animal may be getting more or less medication than they need. I can only respond by saying that I have been getting my flea and heartworm meds this way for years, and I have never seen a flea or had a positive heartworm test ( live in Florida, so mosquitos and fleas are a year round problem). I do take my dogs to the vet for all their annual shots and tests. As I mentioned earlier, I have six dogs, so I’m probably a pretty good test case. As an example of the cost, I buy a 6 pack of the largest dose of Nexgard Spectra (flea and heartworm in one), and it costs about $80. I cut the pills in half for my larger dogs (50 lbs.) and in quarters for the two small dogs, and it provides doses for all for 2 months! It would be nearly impossible for me to afford buying this stuff from the vet. The only down side is that you will need to allow at least 2 weeks for shipping. Admins feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this post! Thanks, Patty


I also wanted to share MY favorite discount pet med/supply site, also in Australia, I have been using them for about 20 years and just like the above site, you do not need a prescription for things like flea meds. I have used Revolution for Cats since it came on market after I noticed that Frontline does not work anymore, and PetShed has the best prices and fantastic customer service. The meds are the exact ones we use here (made in USA) but use the metric system (same amount of drug, they just use kg instead of pounds for weight of animal-1 kg is 2.2 lbs so easy enough to figure it out.) I can’t speak of them highly enough! As a Vet Tech and former cat boarding facility owner, and working with rescues, I would have never been able to afford this fantastic multi-purpose med and helped all the kitties that I did. Try PetShed, you won’t be disappointed!


That’s awesome! Good to have a "Plan B. " I will check it out! Thanks!

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Good ideas from you both… I was guilty of overspending on my two dogs flea meds buying from my vet for convenience sake. Right now I am unemployed so the last time I ordered, I went on-line and found a pet site in California. The flea meds were 1/2 the cost. Shame on me for not doing this sooner! is also a decent place to order from. When it comes to medications for your pet, see if your vet will write up a script. My vet writes a script in my dog’s first name and my last name. I’d get the scripts filled at the pharmacy. It was so much cheaper. Combine the purchase with GoodRX and it was less expensive than getting the script directly from the vet.