Saving money on prescriptions

I’ve learned a few tricks to help save on the high cost of prescription medications if your medication is not covered by insurance or you have not met your deductible. The best way in my area (Florida), is to register at either (which is national USA) or I’ve not personally used but from input from other people, it works just as well for finding the best prices in your area. Both are discount cards you show at your pharmacy and both sites have apps for your smartphone at the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. The apps make it easy to show your card on your phone. If you’d rather just print out the card at the web site, that is another option.

On the app, or at the web sites, enter your zip code, the exact dosage (as in milligrams), and the number of pills your prescription is for, and of course the name of the medicine. Both brand name and generic are available to search at both discount card sites.

Once you enter the information, several local pharmacies will pop up with the current price. I’ve also called or stopped by pharmacies with prescriptions and asked for the best price. The last time I needed a new medicine, the pharmacy assistant took care to tell me I could only get a discounted price on X number of milligrams, a 90 day supply and it had to be in capsule form. So I called back my Dr. office and had them revise the prescription to meet the terms of the pharmacy. I saved almost $30 over buying the same med for 30 days in pill form.

I no longer to allow Dr. offices to call or fax in the first time I need a new prescription or to renew one, rather I ask for a good old fashioned handwritten prescription. That allows me to shop around to find the best price.

I am picking up a prescription for my dog this morning for a heart condition. The pharms in my area honor the discount cards for pets, and here’s the spread of prices for today for 180 mg for 90 day supply, ie the same pill!:

Winn -Dixie $23.69

Publix $23.69

Walmart $73.00

Walgreens $77.78

CVS $139.37

It was actually a CVS pharmacist who introduced me to a couple of years ago after I had a verbal “reaction” to a price quote mad! I will be forever grateful to her!! The FloridaRX card has not let me down yet and so far I’ve found it to be 100% accurate with quoted prices on their site.

I would appreciate any suggestions and ideas for more ways to save on meds!

i am very new and i have so many articles. I find this community very helpful. Kudos to the admin


Thanks @megafortune but all of the kudos go to our incredible members! We’re so happy to have you here, welcome!

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Welcome @Megafortune ! I love Pennyhoarder, have read their newsletters for 2-3 years now and have learned so much!!

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sounds, like a family here


interesting, hope to have similar experience

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@megafortune it really is a great community to be a part of. Welcome! I hope you find it to be as awesome as we do!

@mintjulep thanks for sharing these tips. I don’t live in Florida but I have seen similar things in other places as well. I didn’t actually think they were legit though but from what you are saying, they very well may be. There is definitely a huge difference in prices so it looks like it could be very handy!

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MINTJULEP I know you can call or wright to some of the
drug companies if you can’t afford the meds and they will
give you them for free. I’ve never tried this but heard from
friends that they do.

I 've heard allot about GoodRx from allot of friends. One friend
had a med she needed and it was $600 and some one told her
about GoodRx and she stopped around and got it for $60 thats
a good saving.

I hope your dog will be ok. My dog is my baby well i’ve
say all 3 dogs in the home are my babies even throw 1
is mine and 1 my daughters and 1 my son but they all
come to me. lol

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@moore.income I edited the post this morning to add that is national, not just limited to FL. I published the price spread for that one drug because that is what is going on at the pharmacies these days. It is definitely worth checking out the prices at all the pharmacies near you, with or without a discount card. Where most goods and services are competitively priced in any given local area, drugs are not!!

And up until the last couple years or so, I just always stayed with one pharmacy for convenience, because it was my insurance approved pharmacy, and just not informed about the way it is today. What a shock to find out the price differences for the same drug! The two discount cards I mentioned, GoodRx and FloridaRx are definitely legit, and I’m sure there are more, I just can’t vouch for others.

@bonnie.squires Thank you Bonnie, we are Boxer rescue fans, grew up with the breed, and cardiomyopathy is a burden many Boxers face. Our girl is not the first one we’ve gone through this with. Luckily, the drug is affordable and works well. Yes, they are part of our family!!

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That’s good you rescue a dog. My dog I
got at 2 years old she will be 9 next month
she a ShiChi and has athirst.

My daughter dog is a pug/Chihuahua
He will be 3 next month. She had him since he
was about 6 months old

My son dog she is ShiChi /pug/Chihuahua.
She will be 2 next month. We had her since
she was born. Her mom is my dog the dad my daughter

I do know there one other company out there but
not sure the name but it came out to be allot higher