where can I find the cheapest airline tickets?

I don’t fly much anymore, but I think @moore.income had some comments about that a little while back? I remember reading something about clearing your browser while searching for cheaper tickets…

@kelli.tatelarson There is no cut and dry answer to where to find the cheapest airline tickets, it really comes down to where you are going and where you are flying from.

In some cases you can get really cheap tickets on budget airlines but you can only fly to and from certain cities.

As @kellyfromkeene mentioned, it is important that you search for airline tickets from a “Private” window in your browser. If you do not, airline websites can track your history and if they find you are searching a lot for specific flights, the price might magically go up just for you!

I do recommend Skyscanner if you are flexible with your options. This site allows you to search an entire month at a time and search flights from different cities to find the best deals.

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