Always different info and credit scores errr!

I have everything from meant to experience credit works and everything in between I would absolutely love if I could At least find a single app that would update all 3 of my scores whenever anything changed and at least the scores be the same scores the route all the different types of apps because every app present different score raining for me even my American Express when I go to experience when I go to my phycho when I go to any different app they’re all different and they all have different history and time frames it’s crazy some have reports of one card in 1 part not missing 1 card missing on the other but it was reporting a couple of months ago and it sold off for some reason I think there needs to be a app that includes all 3 credit scores updated whenever there is any type if a change what so ever and have the ability to dispute or fix it in the same app, Also a app that gives you the option to add all of your Bill’s, Credit cards and will give you your payment dates and auto pay them for you Kind of like give them access as if they are a personal financial advisor and credit asst where they also do what is best to raise your scores etc… Shows you which cards you WILL or CAN get approved for What your best investment opportunity is for your current financial situation. That is what I’m seeking !!!

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I haven’t come across an app that combines all the features you mentioned although each one is a good idea.

As far as combining all 3 credit reports in one dashboard, I am sure that could be done if someone wanted to create a tool like that. As far as them being the same though, that has more to do with the credit reporting bureau.

I have been using Status Money recently as a way to track my finances, I have found they provide a lot of helpful information in an easy to understand format.

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