Apartment/house in Rockland County, NY

Hi, Everyone.

I am new to Penny Hoarder. I was hoping someone knows of an apartment/house to rent in Rockland County, NY. I am a single professional female with one cat. Thank you so much for any assistance! Have a fab day!


Welcome Chrissy B to the community.

Sorry, I can’t help you at this time, but others will help you soon…Bob.

Housing is tough! I’m not in the area, but wishing you good luck. Hopefully someone here has some connections.

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Welcome @chrissy.b I just met someone from that area over the weekend! Seems like a beautiful part of the country with great proximity to NYC.

Check sites and apps like Zillow and Craigslist to see what’s available. Maybe even Facebook Marketplace.

Also, look for local groups on Facebook and check the Nextdoor app – you might find good recommendations from locals!

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welcome i’m sure some one on this great community might be able to help you, good luck

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Hi Chrissy! I live down on Long Island, but I love the Rockland County area and some of the towns there. Your best bet for finding affordable places to rent is to join a local Facebook community group for the town or area you are in (here is a great one just for renters); there you can ask the locals for assistance and find landlords with offerings. Another option is to try a service like Roomster, if you don’t mind having roommates. Hope that helps!


My Daddy use to tell me that two people in town knows everything going on; the preacher and the bar tender! I have used this advice more than once myself. If they can’t help you, check with the local Senior nursing home. Sadly, many of the residents check in but never check out. Families look for respectful people as occupants. Most can’t be sold until a loved one has passed on, but they don’t want to leave it unoccupied in the meantime. Ask if you can place an add on the bulletin board. My wife rented then bought a house this way. The son applied all of our rent as the down payment, so we could get the mortgage. Good Luck!