Apple iOS apps in Canada

What Apple iOS apps do you recommend for budgeting and cash flow that are available in Canada?

I don’t live in Canada. Thus, I could not help you with that.

Does anyone else on this forum live in Canada?

@nicole or @heather.leguilloux may be able to help!

Hey! I live in Canada. Thanks for the mention, @briana.

I actually use Android and a desktop but I can let you know the apps I use/know about and you can see if they’re available in Apple if that helps.

I use Mint ( which is great because it’s free and synch’s with all of your bank/cards so it’s a real-time update and you can set budgets/goals. Sometimes I have issues synching cards so that’s a pain but it’s nice as an overview, especially if you have multiple banks or accounts.

I have also tried EveryDollar ( it’s also free but I think you need the paid version to synch. I find it a lot more user-friendly than Mint for budgeting.

But mostly I use an excel template through google docs (not sure if that’s compatible with Apple) to manually write down my income, expenses, and debt pay off, and another one to track my net worth. I can send you the links to those if you want, just let me know.

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@sonyin ^ Heather’s answer in case you missed it!

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@sonyin see if an app called Banktivity is available there. I’ve been using it for years. It was called iBank but the name changed a couple of years ago. It’ll direct connect with your financial institutions. The latest version includes budgeting but also added an envelope budgeting feature! It makes tracking where you spend much easier. It’s a Mac native app, not on PC or Android. It syncs really well between your desktop and iPhone so you always have your financial information with you.