Best Secured Card for those who have filed Chapter 13

Unfortunately I had to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy about a month ago. I need a good secured credit card to use for traveling. We cruise alot and I have to have a credit card to connect to my sea pass for use on board. When you get a drink of any type they automatically charge it to your seapass (room card). Does anyone have any suggestions. I hate to use my debit card for this. Thank you.

I’m a little confused. You filed for bankruptcy, but you need this card for cruising…?

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My boyfriend pays for my actual trips but I need to have a credit card attached to my room key for if I purchase pop, water, etc. I don’t pay for my trips, he does. He’s a recovered alcholic so I refuse to allow him to pay for a random drink or glass of wine I may have on board. Cannot pay cash, have to have a credit card.

We cruise a lot too. You can actually prepay a certain amount onboard for drinks, etc…

I started off with a secured card with a local credit union. It worked well for me!