Do you use Discover Bank?

Heyyo. So I’m currently using BB&T but I use my debit card for ALL my purchases except amazon purchases (for which I have the Amazon Prime Rewards card with Chase - thank you all for helping me decide that was a good choice!). I’m spending upwards of 2k on my debit card each month after all is said and done, so I’m wanting to look into debit cards that offer cash back. As a side note, I also notice I’m getting pennies back from my BB&T savings account so I’d like a higher APY on that, too.

After a little research, I’m thinking about Discover: 1% cash back on the debit card plus 1.7% APY on the online savings account. Looks awesome. BUT. I have read SO MANY bad reviews about duplicate transactions, bad customer service, random account closings, etc. etc.

So. Do any of you lovely people use Discover? What is/was your experience?

I have 4 credit cards. 2 from Chase, 1 from my bank and one from Captiol

One of the Chase and the one from Capital One are my lowest interest on purchases. All four charge big interest on cash advances. I have never had a problem with anyone of them. One time I saw a duplicate on my bank credit card. It turned out to be the company I purchased from that threw the duplicate in. The bank took care of dealing with it no problem. Once I had a charge on the Capitol card that I did not make. Capitol took care of it although it took some time. It was corrected it. Both called them Fraud transactions and the issue was sent to the Fraud department. If I could get rid off or totally get paid down it would be the Chase and my Bank credit card. They charge the highest rates.