I’m so frustrated with my bank. I signed up for “Simple”. Does anyone have any feedback? Is it really better? What if I lose my card and have to wait for the replacement. With my bank, I can go into any branch and they’ll issue a temp card until the replacement arrives. That’s really the only thing that concerns me. Thanks.

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I have never heard of it. But in any case I have both online and local bank accounts. This would prevent me from being in a situation where I need to worry about how long it takes to get a card. I usually only walk around with one card for emergency atm or debit use and use a credit card for all other transactions.

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Online banks are great for higher savings yields, but I’m a huge fan of credit unions (I work for one, so I’m biased) for brick-and-mortar banking. They’re member owned, so less fees and lower loan rates, and most have everything big banks have - including instant issue machines for lost/stolen debit cards.

I use Ally and I’ve really liked them so far.

I’ve been using Simple for 3 years now and I love it. It’s budgeting tool that is built-in is what convinced to me to give a try back when I signed up for it and I haven’t looked back since. The only thing you can’t do with Simple is request loans or go to a physical branch. So the example you used with losing your debit card would be a downfall but through the app you will be able to stop your card from being used and request a new card and Simple is really good with shipping out one to you within 5-7 days (I know still sucks for the wait period) but I would say still keep your other bank as backup until you fully feel comfortable with Simple.

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I think keeping my old bank as back up is what I’m hearing. I can do that.

Lord knows I need all the help I can get with budgeting so I am excited to see what Simple can do for me.