Cable TV, Internet & selling wardrobe.

I’m looking through my budget for things I can cut out. I have a major event in December, 2020. I need to keep internet service because of house alarms, laptops and devices. I bought a ROKU device and I find I only watch my Hulu, Netflix and Youtube. I know where to find news and critical weather news online or on my ipad or iPhone. $160/mo is what I’m paying now. Can I get internet and a tiny TV package cheaper? This sounds obvious, but I’m I dizzy blonde. lol I’m also stopping my YMCA at $52/month. I have access to free gym and pool on base. That’s $600 in a year!! I have a wardrobe that rivals most movie stars. Not only did I collect couture while stationed all over the world, I always purchased the best quality and classic styles. I don’t need 7 closets of clothes. I don’t need Waterford crystal or fine china. My daughter said she’d help with Ebay. My son is selling my extra car. I’m also going through my jewelry and selling pieces I will never wear. Who needs seven platinum and diamond dress watches, when I NEVER wear a watch? The big event? I’m moving from my modest home to a handicap adaptive home where I can age in place. Taxes and insurance are $357/month now. New house? $1250/mo P/I/I, taxes will be waived due to 100% disability. That will be about 20% of my monthly income. Quite reasonable because most decent rentals will cost that much. Any advice on where you cut out to achieve a goal? Thanks in advance for any tips.

Sounds like a lot going on. As far as internet goes, if you go online to or cord cutters news. You can find all kinds of info. They’re on YouTube also. Good luck.

You have great ideas with cutting down on expenses, and how wonderful that your family is helping you sell unneeded items.