Coping with C-19


I’m new to this group but not new to stress. I know faith and fear can’t reside in the same place. So I say I’m challenged. I’m moving Sat Apr 4 due to 4th apt flood and subsequent foot lesion, just had 3 surgeries too. I take a deep breathe and frequently give thanks for what is going right. I also volunteer at whatever level I can because that helps me to focus on others while I heal, move and proceed with a joy-filled life. Meditating and spending wisely helps me too. I’m cooking at home altho I just tossed my cracked crock pot and will be in the market so any CP buying tips would be helpful. I’m getting unwanted ads on my Android so any help stopping that would be good. I cut the cable and use my phone as a tethering device to make calls, get internet access, use Roku for movies (any other free movie sources will help too) and cut my bill by $100/mo to just $75.00. If you can beat that, please share.


We have Spectrum for internet and TV. We get limited channels from Spectrum which we use with a Roku player. It only costs us $20 a month for the cable through Spectrum, which I think is pretty good.

Sling TV I have found to be a great source of very popular cable channels. The first two weeks are free with NO credit card necessary. You get the blue package for your trial which includes up to 3 people being able to watch at the same time. You can add on a large variety of premium channels. It features many live channels in its free package.

I have Comcast and they are running a good plan for internet, phone and mobile phone but there are NO arrangements available for the CABLE TV channels as I was originally offered. They just cut me off and I have 2 accounts that I always pay on time for the past 3 years. (I cover my mothers’ cable as well as my own.) I was quite disappointed in their lack of flexibility with good customers.

So I am looking for other deals to cope with this lockdown!