Combatting the increase of gas prices

So, gas in my area just hit $3.99 a gallon. I think it increased three times this week alone. What to do? I’m pulling out some of my old tricks.

  1. Group errands

  2. Drive the speed limit

  3. Avoid starts and stops that jerk your speed. See a light is going to change red? Take you foot off the gas early, you’ll use less gas and you’ll use less brake pad too.

  4. Using a gas loyalty program. Saving .05 (sometimes .10) each gallon without paying for a shopping club membership.

  5. Setting cruise control. My commute is about 1 hour, mostly highway. I set the cruise as soon as I get on the highway and try my best to use it (safely) as far as I can. I saved 12.5% ($4 buck off on my first fill-up after switching to cruise). I’m hopefully of saving at least $40 a month using my cruise and driving the speed limit. Friday traffic makes it challenging (crazy drivers, traffic too heavy, etc.), but overall my use of cruise is here to stay for the foreseeable future.


I watched the price of regular go from $3.03 a gallon to $3.49 a gallon in about a ten-day period here in South Texas. I always use my cruise control. I drive 23 miles each way to work/home. I also drive under the speed limit to save gas, I am at work at 4:15 am, so there is rarely anybody out driving except me, so I can drive slower. I do my shopping on my way home as I must pass these businesses to get home. So I never have to go out of my way. I laugh to myself when I hear people complain that it cost them over a hundred dollars just to fill up their tank. I drive a compact vehicle, get 36 miles to the gallon, and don’t let my gas tank get below the quarter tank mark.

P.S. Why is the U.S. still buying Russian Oil ?

Since I first wrote on 3-6-22, it has gone higher. the current price of gas near me is now $3.99 as of 3-9-22.


The gas prices are insane right now. It’s over $4/gallon here. I only went out FOUR times since my last fill up and my tank is getting close to 1/4 full. Those were just errands or going to work out, and each round-trip was an hour. There is also a lot of traffic.

Those are great tips - Yes, cluster errands. Drive at a steady speed. I use the Exxon Mobil app to pay and receive rewards. I’ll have to find a place closer to home to workout.


I live quite literally across the street from work, and walk when the weather is nice. During the winter I drive the kids to school in the morning, but that is less than 5 miles round trip. I deliberately purchased my home in close proximity to my daily places, and it has been a great benefit.

I have a kid trying to get his hours in for drivers ed, and so that’s a fun way to burn gas. ?


All great tips! Gas is just under $4 a gallon here in the Twin Cities. I can add: cut out unnecessary trips and avoid stop and go traffic if possible!

I used to have a 30 minute commute during rush hour traffic. Not fun. I’ve saved a ton on gas since I started working from home in 2020.


Gas in my area is now at least $4.69 per gallon (that is the cheapest I can find it) & as high as $6.29 per gallon. It is indeed scary times. I commute daily to work, & although I drive a smaller car (Subaru Impreza), I am most definitely feeling the squeeze. I am also trying my best to limit trips, combine errands, & drive the speed limit, etc. I am praying this madness ends soon. Mostly for the Ukrainian people, but also for the global impact it is creating. I pray that the world wakes up & realizes we are all one people & love gets us so much further, than hate & war. (I know, rose colored glasses, but I can still pray for it). Sending love & light to anyone reading this comment ?.


I just filled up last night. $4.25/gal - .05 off per gal. Wondering how much it will jump next… (This last jump was .26)

I used to have a Saturn SL2. I was getting 40 mpg when it was over 15 years old. Absolutely :heart: that car.


Great tips!

I would also normally say, buy a car that gets better gas mileage, but current car prices being so inflated don’t help that argument at all LOL


I just filled up yesterday at $4.99/gal and it was the highest I’ve ever filled up since I’ve owned my car. Thankful that our school runs are super close but everything else is further away. I’m hoping we can curb grocery costs somehow to combat some of the pressure.


upstate New York 4.57 a gallon i work 10 minute’s from home, i shop less and try to save money soon we will pay 5,00 dollars a gallon so sad


Our gas in Central Florida is now $4.39 a gallon (as of 3/13). It’s hard paying those prices, and at this point, it feels like corporate greed. I don’t think we necessarily get a lot of gas from Russia. That being said, I try to limit my trips places, and as mentioned, go slower. That can help out a lot. I feel for the Ukrainian people, and it’s hard to believe we live in such a global economy, but we do!

My Honda Civic gets pretty good gas mileage - 28.1 miles per gallon, and I’m lucky I work about 5 miles from home. I will always live close to my job now, after going through this.


How about releasing the gas reserves we have here, that’ll bring down the prices.

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Great tips! Thanks for sharing, @polarmoney!

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