Cooking and Freezing in Bulk

You’ve got to watch Becky at Acre Homestead. This young lady is amazing. I had watched her before, but really got hooked this weekend as she prepared 22 Freezer Meals. And here I thought I was doing good when I make two types of freezer meals on the weekends!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You will be hooked. She just posted a couple of hours ago that she’s surprising her husband with a baby.


I did some freeze stocking on a smaller scale this weekend. I made 8 servings of quinoa in the crock pot and then divided it up to freeze. I cooked chili for myself for work–it made 6 servings and half are in my freezer right now. I also have pulled pork in there too. It can really save you time and money.


We do this sporadically. For me organization is key so as to not lose track of what’s in the depths of the freezer. BUT, we just bought a new freezer for our basement yesterday – excited to stock it up with some deliciousness!


I just got a freezer as well, about 2 weeks ago. Made a run to Costco for meat and I am very excited to fill it!


i also do this on the weekend and thank you for sharing


Sounds like it is time to hit the Farmer’s Market. We just froze a case of tomatoes. We are cleaning some squash, as well. We will get to the corn, soon! Nothing like the taste of Summer in the middle of Winter!

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My boyfriend and I have been trying to do more freezer meals, so I have a question for y’all: What labeling system do you use to keep track of everything?

I have low vision, so it’s hard for me to tell what’s in the containers without opening each one, since all the containers look the same.

Should I get a label maker? My boyfriend suggested using beige painter’s tape and then writing what’s inside with a black Sharpie. Curious to hear how you all keep it organized! ?

@rachel.christian. I just write on the beige painter’s tape like your boyfriend suggested. Sometimes, I will also write directly on the freezer bag though.