meat purchases

we are so fortunate in Mo. to have a price cutter (employee owned) grocery store.When meat gets near the sell by dates the pkgs. they are sold for $5.00 /pkg. when you buy 5 pkgs. we bought salmon, bacon, roast and steaks. Plus, there was an oversupply of frozen chicken breasts that were 69 cents/lb. we bought 2 pkgs. of those. So, we got enough meat for our family of 2 for a month. we even use our discounted meat when we have friends over for a meal. I have even used this type of meat when I make a meal to families where one or more members spent time in the hospital and are not able to cook for themselves. I feel if we get to eat higher on the hog than most simply because we know how to be frugal, then we should share in our bounty. We hope every one who reads this can be equally blessed. Shelia Wright


Love to hear stories with a happy start and ending, that is so generous of you to share. There is a lot of beauty in having a deep freezer, one really good investment. Speaking of deep freezers, we bought 1 this past Nov and it has been filling up with bargains. A storage tip to save you electricity is to put it on a timer (available at Home Depot), it runs the freezer 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Since we don’t enter this freezer that often, it works well. Also as further insulation, we keep 2 large beach towels opened up on the top lid. When closing it be careful to keep the entire beach towel outside of it, otherwise you’ll build up frost fast from the air leaking in.


i love reading post like this makes me greatful that there are still family that care about others, i live in a senior complex and i and two others cook extra meals for some of the seniors who have no family, its a good feeling to give back ,have a great day