Credit Card balances

I am not sure I understand the BEST OFFERS for credit card balance transfers. Does it mean…paying off the balance of one (1) card on to another. So, I would pay off the balance on my Master Card using my Discover Card?


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That is correct. Usually you can pay off another card or sometimes they will even allow you to transfer that amount directly to your bank account to help pay off another debt.

Technically you could use the money for whatever but the financially smart thing would be to use it to pay off a debt that is charging you a higher interest rate.

For example, I just did a balance transfer on a card that I knew was going to start charging interest. Instead of paying 14% plus, I paid the 3% balance transfer fee to get have a no interest balance for the next 12 months.

Generally, when you are doing a balance transfer to pay off another card, they will ask you for the account number (the card number) during the process and they will use that to pay the card off for the amount of the balance transfer.

Thank you.