Earn. Save. Invest.

This is the simple 3 step approach I have begun taking with my finances and what I believe are three keys that lead a person to financial freedom.

If you read any of my posts here on the forum, you will constantly hear me mention the phrase “create a better financial future”. This is becoming my goal in life, to create a better financial future for myself and in turn to help others do the same.

To do this, I am taking this 3 step approach which I will be sharing more in detail in future posts.

#1 - EARN

This step involves creating income. Some people call it “making money” but I think this phrase has been overused and makes it seem like making money is as easy as printing hundred dollar bills. Earning something involves putting effort into it.

Start with one way to earn income and then seek to grow that or add additional sources of income.

#2 - Save

I take a 2 part approach to savings. First, you save by physically putting money away in an account or some other form (such as nickel hoarding). Second, you save by finding ways to get discounts, or other deals on purchases you make.

The most important thing you can do to save is to start paying yourself first (10%) of everything you make. Then you should build up an emergency fund as well as general savings accounts and even savings for larger purchases down the road.

#3 - Invest

Investing is so much simpler now than it was just a few short years ago. There are many apps and online platforms that allow you to invest your money in everything from Stocks to Roth IRA’s and REITs.

Be wise with how you invest your money. Always do your research and never invest in something that is too good to be true.

By doing these three things, you are developing good financial fitness habits and are well on your way to creating a better financial future of financial freedom.

If I would add a fourth step it would be to GIVE BACK.

As you grow in your financial knowledge and wealth, never forget where you started and always be ready to give back. This can be both financially as well as sharing the knowledge you have learned along the way that helped you get to where you are.