Newbie ??????✔

Hi everyone. To whom ever may share some feedback was looking for some mentoring. What are some of the best areas to get involved in for a person such as my self just getting started. Also what are some of the better money making opportunities to try an get involved in…

Sinserly, just a regular dad trying to get somewhere

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Welcome Christopher.

I don’t have any grand ideas about making more money. I know, from my experience, that when I became a single parent I had to change the way I dealt with money, and had to adapt my work to accommodate being a single parent. that meant that I had to earn less! But I have more money for a better life than I did when I was earning more than twice as much. Crazy. Good luck though! ?

Welcome to the community @christopher.p.coleman

There are so many different paths to take when just getting started trying to earn some extra money online or off.

It really depends on your specific skills, passions, and goals.

Feel free to message me at any time if you would like to chat in more detail.

Saving Money. Making money. Either way, all starts with your mindset. What are your point of views in money? Do you have a scarcity mindset or abundance?

Once you’ve set your mind and have specified a financial goal (kid’s education, retirement, etc), commit to it.

There are multiple ways to achieve this financial freedom but first, you must have your emergency fund for unexpected situations. It should be worth 3 to 6 months of your salary. This will save you not only the money but the stress that comes with it.

Once you’re done, it’s time to multiply your sources of income.

Are you planning to do business? Side hustles? Stocks?

Whatever it is, make sure you have more than one.

This is just the overview. There is a lot to learn. So continue reading and learning!

i am trying to save each paycheck but with this virus its tuff, prices are going up