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I am a script writer, and I have PDF ebook on script writing tutorial and I wish to make money from it but I have no website, my question is, if I have to publish it on someone’s blog or website how am I going to make money from it?

I have many things I can put into writing and make many from it but I really don’t know how to go about it, I need your professional idea. I don’t have money to own a website, what should I do?
Thanks in advance


Hi I dont know how you would make money doing that. But I do know a group that would and that is clickfunnel group with russel burson. You could make alot of money with your expertise there. Join the FB group and watch some you tube videos sadly its not free but nothing that could change your life is. Hope this helps you good luck

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Hmm. @screenplay.training — this is interesting. I’m sharing below a couple of articles from The Penny Hoarder about how to turn an eBook into profit.

The Secret to Making Money by Writing Free Ebooks

Publish your Ebook and Earn Money: How I Made $2,000 from a Kindle Ebook

I have a friend who wrote an eBook and has profited from it. With that said, she built a brand prior to doing so by guest posting for industry publications and being an active member in online groups related to her niche. This way, when she launched her eBook, she already had a stream of people to sell to.

It’s awesome that you have a lot of content to write to. That’s the first step! Your marketing & sales strategy is essential if you want to turn profit. The second article I shared above speaks more to that piece of it.

Hope that helps – keep us posted on your progress!

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Have you considered formatting your eBook and publishing it on Kindle.

With Kindle, you have access to more customers through Amazon and it would make it easier to promote your book.

Just a thought.

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Thanks all for your contributions, please more ideas with details

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