electric bike or moped

How much does a used electric bike or moped cost?

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A decent e-bike or moped will likely cost $1,000+ dollars on the low end. Personally, I’d go for the e-bike. Much quieter than any moped plus you have the option of getting a little exercise along the way by switching off the power and pedaling.

Where would I purchase one?

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@louis.landesman I’d do some Google searches to find some online retailers. If you’re looking for something nearby, call/visit local bike shops to see what they have for e-bikes. Heck, even Walmart and Amazon sell them and will ship them to your door, although assembly is required.

For mopeds, I’d check the local listings on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for the best deals.

Hope that helps!

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thanks for sharing your input

A lot of bike companies have been behind production. I would try RAD because we got our e-bike fairly quickly at a relatively lower price than other models. DO get the option that is on the handle to help you move from a dead start. I LOVE riding my e-bike to work because I get a little bit of exercise and arrive HAPPY to start my day…and AWAKE! LOL!

Bike motor kits are popular. Not too hard to install. Plenty of videos on You tube. kits start about $100 and go up from there. Of course, you need a bicycle to start with. Try Goodwill or the trash dump for a used bike. You can find the kits @ bikeberry.com.