Energy saving -- via Arcadia Power or any other similar service?

Has anyone had any experience with Arcadia or any other clean energy service? Looking for your savvy tips, Penny Hoarders!

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I signed up for Arcadia about six months ago. It’s easy to use, and they usually offer an initial signup perk or referral bonus, but otherwise I wouldn’t say I’m saving money. I’m paying pretty much the same I did with my old utility service, but I know that half of my usage is “clean”. Customer service is great so far.


Can anyone tell me if Arcadia Power is a replacement for the utility company I have right now which is Florida Power & Light? Or is it a compliment to it hopefully saving you money? Does it cost anything? Does it change the way you use energy at home? Thank you.

From what I understand it replaces your current power company. So, you pay your bill to Arcadia but Arcadia works with your power company to make sure your lights stay on. You pay a regular bill, but you don’t pay extra for your energy consumption unless you choose the 100% clean energy option, which will cost a bit more per month. It doesn’t change how I use my thermostat at home, but it changes who I pay the bill to and how I look at my energy consumption on my monthly statement (which comes from Arcadia).

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I should add, because my signature isn’t showing up: I’m a writer at The Penny Hoarder, but I’m not a part of the team that evaluates and writes about partners like Arcadia. I’m just a regular ol’ customer in this case.

Thank you Lisa. I inquired and I don’t think it will lower my expensive bill at all unless I refer people and maybe some of them sign on. I think it will be more of a problem for me to have to pay my utility company through some other company.

Theodora, have you looked into a budget plan with your current energy provider? Apologies if you have already done this, as I know a lot of them are promoted pretty well. I wasn’t able to carry my budget plan (which gave me a steady bill through the year instead of seeing seasonal fluctuations) over to Arcadia. Luckily I could see my usage enough to be able to tell when my high and low billing periods would likely be, so I could plan for them. But budget billing programs are where it’s at!!

Thank you for all the insider info on Arcadia. I have been wondering about this but hesitant to switch to an unfamiliar company.

I endorse Arcadia Power 100%!

Good to see the replies. This company sent me an email about converting over and I was hesitant. The organization is offering a free google mini.

Can’t comment on Arcadia but I use, you enter your details and they notify you if you can save money by switching provider

I did end up signing up with Arcadia – and have seen significant savings! I highly recommend it! It was a fairly seamless process too.

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@theodora posted:

I did end up signing up with Arcadia – and have seen significant savings! I highly recommend it! It was a fairly seamless process too.

Thanks. Do you still pay through your energy provider or through the Arcadia website?

@leon Pay through Arcadia now.