Financial Fitness February: Day 12

Most of the day was spent at home today due to the -15 degree weather with heavy winds. Because of that, not a lot happened financially today.

1.) Another Day of NO SPENDING!

Sort of…

I didn’t even spend anything on my business today which is fairly unique.

As I mentioned, we had bad weather today so my wife was off work and I did not leave the house except in the evening when we went to church.

The reason I say sort of is because their was money spent today but I will explain more in the next point.

Not leaving the house can be a great way to force yourself not to spend any money.

On top of that, the added benefit of just having some downtime to relax makes it a WIN WIN

But not leaving the house meant I didn’t do any deliveries today, although there were plenty to do.

But it was literately so cold you could barely last a minute before feeling chilled to the bone!

2.) Last Minute Travel Plans

Normally, I am not a fan of making travel plans last minute, however, there are times in life where something comes up suddenly that requires just that.

And by suddenly, I mean we just found out a couple hours ago.

We were just informed that a good friend of my wife’s family passed away on Sunday and the funeral is being held this Saturday.

He happens to be best friends with my wife’s dad and since she was also close with him, she wants to go back to Illinois to show her support along with her sister who also lives up here in Fargo, ND.

Since their friend passed away from cancer and my wife’s dad is also battling the same cancer, this especially hit home and we would appreciate if you could say a little prayer for each of the families.

So tonight, just before I am writing this post, we just finished making travel arrangements.

Since flights were way to expensive we were able to find a bus that will get them there on time and then we found a train ride back.

In total to get my wife and her sister to Illinois and back is a total of $260.30

As I mentioned above however, we did not end up spending any money because my sweet sisters decided as soon as they heard the news that they would pay for their trip with the money they got back from their tax return.

They were even willing to pay for the flights but I tried to get the travel expenses as minimal as possible with such short time to plan.

I was able to save some money by using a cashback site combined with a discount gift card site, it wasn’t a lot so I won’t go in detail here but I will make sure to write a post soon on how it works.

LESSON FROM TODAY: Life will often throw you unexpected curve balls. It is important to be prepared ahead of time especially financially because you never know when you will need to have some extra money for an emergency. Also, family is a blessing.

Today was a fairly relaxing day but we are ending the night with heavy hearts but ever thankful for the blessings we have and the ability for my wife and her sister to travel home on such short notice.

I hope that from my post you can see that not every day is filled with financial wins but there are some things in life more important than finances.

If it came down to it and we had no other option, we would do whatever it takes to be there for family and friends because relationships are much more important than anything money could ever buy.

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As a follow up to our conversation the other day @mooreincome, here is a list of online focus group opportunities: https://www.sidehustlenation.c…online-focus-groups/.


I’m sorry to hear about the loss for your wife and her family. I’m glad she is able to be with family at this time. Prayers for her father as well.


I’m sorry you have lost someone so special to your wife and family. Thankful that you were able to use your money saving resources to make it possible for your wife and her sister to travel to IL. I know it must mean a lot to your wife and especially to the family of her friend.

I stayed home as well yesterday and purchased nothing online, so not spending money is saving money! I’m sorry you were dealing with -15 degrees as we were, and still are today, sitting in the mid 80’s (record breakers here) in Central FL. But I assure you there is misery in that temperature as well…the mosquitoes were out strong and we finally broke down and turned on the A/C in the afternoon because of the humidity. (Guess I spent some money there after all!)

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@lismox thanks for that link to focus groups!!

@mooreincome - I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

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So sorry for the family loss…prayers for your wife’s dad for healing and his friend’s family for comfort.

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Thank you all for your kind words!

@lismox thanks for the resource!

Now that I have access, I can respond. I am sorry to hear about the family loss.