Financial Fitness February: Day 20

20 days of keeping track of things financially has really helped me to get a better perspective of my finances.

I don’t know that I would recommend everyone write out a long post every day as I am doing, but I would suggest keeping a daily journal of your WINS, losses and every day expenses.

Here are my financial WINS for today:

1.) Another Day With eBay Sales

I have noticed sales starting to pick up on my eBay store. Usually, January is a pretty slow month for most resellers and February can be too. The reason I believe is that most people spent all their money on the holidays and so are not purchasing as much at the beginning of the year.

But that is okay, as it gives me time to get my listings up so I will have plenty as the year progresses closer to fourth quarter which is by far the best time to sell stuff.

I did end up making 2 more sales today, both for dropshipped products, however I have also sold a couple items that I have sourced and have in inventory so that is starting to look promising. It is now just up to me to get more stuff listed.

I ended up selling another lava lamp and a water bottle. As always, with my dropshipped products, it is not a ton of money but it is still something so it’s a WIN!

2.) Sourced A Little But Not As Much

I ended up going to Bed Bath & Beyond once again because I wanted to see if there were any more of the umbrella my brother listed and got a bid on right away. I ended up selling him the one I have at cost so he can make a profit but I wanted to see if they had any more since it seems to be a good seller.

They did not, but I do have one more that I picked up previously.

I did find a couple more profitable items to pick up but I am trying to be a lot more picky with the things I pick up since I have a lot of inventory that I need to get listed. While I want to continually keep an eye out for good deals to resell, I need to focus more time and energy on getting stuff listed and sold.

I spent $29.03 but should double my money in profit once those items sell.

3.) Back to My Old Job

Well, not exactly. I am going back officially in March to help them with their digital marketing and growing the company, but I did end up going in to help them with an issue they were having with one of their websites today.

While I will not disclose the exact hourly rate, I will say that it is more than I was making before and will allow me to make almost as much as I made before but working less hours.

Less time and still the same amount of money… WIN!

They did pay me that rate for the work I did for them today so that will be a nice little bonus on my first paycheck in mid-March.

4.) Last But Not Least: UberEats

I try to spend at least a little bit of time every couple days doing some food delivery. It is just a great way to add extra money in the bank and to hold the finances over.

Once I start working at my job again, I still plan on doing food delivery to supplement my income while also building up my reselling business.

In time, I hope to get my reselling business to a point I don’t need to do any food delivery and then eventually to replace my entire income.

My goal with leaving my job in the first place was to do this, however, I found I was just spending more time doing food delivery which ended up stunting my reselling growth.

Now, being on a set schedule again will allow me to schedule everything around that and as I develop my time management skills, I hope to maximize my time and really hustle over the next coming months.

The other thing about Food Delivery is it gives me some extra content for my YouTube channel which is about finances and side incomes so I enjoy having it as a side gig.

Today, I spent 2 hrs and 4 min logged on. After about 30 minutes with no orders, I completed 3 orders then had about 30 more minutes without orders which is when I did my sourcing. After that I got 1 more order before logging off.

In total I made $20.99 from those orders with no tips in the app yet. I did however get a $7 cash tip on one of those orders which was really nice.

Even if nobody else tips, that will still mean I earned a $7 per delivery and the actual time I spent delivering was only about an hour.

FUN FACT: Tomorrow is supposed to be up to 34° here in Fargo and I couldn’t be more excited! While most people would think that is still super cold, for us, we have been experience at least -10° or more below zero most of the week so 34° sounds tropical! cool

LESSON FROM TODAY: It takes hard work to get to where you want to be with your finances. If you look at most of the things I talked about in this post and previous ones, they tend to involve me putting in a lot of effort to WIN. But that is just what it takes. There is no easy button to success with your finances, but hard work does pay off and consistency will bring results, eventually!

Share your WINS with me! I would love to hear them!

Thinking over the past 20 days of this month, have you noticed anything about your finances that you could do differently to improve them?

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