Financial Fitness February: Day 26

UPDATE: I just realized I accidentally named this Day 24 but it is Day 26

The finish line for Financial Fitness February is just around the corner, but my goal is to finish as strong as possible.

So here is what went down today:

1.) Sales on eBay Again

The pattern seems to be one day of sales, one day with none and then sales again.

While this isn’t the best pattern, I will still take it since I am making sales still.

I actually made 2 sales today.

One is for a dropshipped product which has become my second best seller next to the lava lamps.

Still only $5 or so profit but easy money.

The second sale, may not be such easy money. I sold a TI 84 calculator I picked up last Friday from someone on FB marketplace.

I paid $30 for it and sold it for $65.00 + shipping. The only problem is, the buyer has yet to pay and I am not sure if they will actually pay for it.

So, I guess I will just have to consider it, and Almost Win. We will see though!

2.) Bought Some More Stuff

I was actually on the way to pick up another TI calculator from a gal on FB for the same price when I sold the other one.

Even if I never end up getting paid, I am not too worried as I only had it listed for about 3 days and I am sure I can sell it again.

And at the prices I have been getting these calculators at, I will pick them up all day because I know when it gets closer to the start of school for college students, the price will go up everywhere.

I also picked up a few more items that I won on the online auction site I have been purchasing stuff on.

This time I approached it differently and just bid the highest I was willing to pay for items and forgot about it.

To my surprise, I got an invoice emailed to me yesterday and I actually won those items at a great price and the price I wanted to pay! WIN

That’s much better for me than bidding on stuff and letting my emotions take over causing me to lose money.

3.) Discount Gift Card Savings

My wife needed me to purchase a dress for her as she is a bridesmaid in a friends upcoming wedding.

I could have just gone to, added it to cart and checked out but I decided to spend a little extra time to save some money.

Instead I went to Be Frugal (a cashback site) and from there I went to a discount gift card site.

I got a Walmart gift card for part of the cost of my purchase and ended up getting it for almost $1.50 less than the actual value on the card.

The thing was, I also had $5 cashback on the gift card site so I ended up saving that as well.

On top of that, Be Frugal pays me 2% cashback for my purchase at the discount gift card site so I ended up saving a nice little chunk of change when it was all said and done.

Besides those 3 WINS, I also worked on editing a YouTube video so I can stay consistent with my weekly video uploads as I grow my channel. We are just shy of 200 subscribers so I am pretty pumped!

LESSON FROM TODAY: Always check to see if there are ways to save on your purchase, even if it is just a little bit. Those little bits add up over time and you would be surprised to see how much cashback I have earned on purchases that most people would just purchase at full price, and also all the money I have saved on discounted gift cards.

Share your best WIN so far for the month of February!

What are your favorite ways to save on online purchases?

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Jon, I would love to see the dress you picked out for your wife. This is what came up when I tried to sign up for your Youtube channel. This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate expired 189 days ago. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer’s clock is currently set to Thursday, February 27, 2020. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system’s clock and then refresh this page.

Do you have a page on Facebook?

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My wins are small - I walked around a nearby neighborhood and left real estate flyers on doors on Tuesday. I went to 140 houses and it was hot! I made $25, but I decided to put that in my Acorns account. Tomorrow I’m bringing flyers to 90 houses, so it will probably be another $20-25. It’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, which is good. I was paid using Venmo, so I got paid the same day, which was nice. I’m also going to put tomorrow’s earnings into my Acorns account. My grandmother used to say “the pennies make the dollars,” and I believe this to be true.

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Hmm… not sure why that is showing up for you. It could be because of your computer security since the link just takes you straight to YouTube.

Here is the direct link to my channel:

I do also have a FaceBook page, I am not as active on there.

Also on Instagram @MooreIncome

@lismox small WINS add up over time!

Great job taking the money you earned and investing it right away!

I have the freebie app Invisible Hand on my PC which searches and finds other online stores selling the same item. Frankly, when they find a lower match I usually end up with Amazon (Prime) because that’s usually where I’m shopping to start with and I find IH misses out on added shipping costs or some other detail that 95% of the time leads back to Amazon being the better buy.

Playing around the other day while shopping for some inexpensive chairs, I found a design I really like and IH was not finding a better buy. The stock photo of the chair was the same on every website IH was using as a comp so I used an app called Tin Eye that will search and find matching photos across the www and bingo, up popped the chair on walmart selling for $2 less per chair with free shipping. IH had missed it.

I originally downloaded Tin Eye to help me identify a scoundrel stealing my Etsy photos to use in their own listings elsewhere, but it came in handy this week to save a few dollars.

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