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Good day all,

I just got a job and I can’t wait to share with you! I was working part time at a Sushi store as well as a hotel. But the pandemic ruins them all and I realized how much I need for a stable full time job. I want to share my experience (in the scope of Australia) here and hopefully can help you find your dream job soon.

1. CV / Resume

Generally resumes should be longer and more comprehensive than CV but in Aus they’re mostly the same. If you apply for floor staff, keep your CV in 2-3 pages; for business or technology don’t exceed 4.

There should be NO grammar & spelling error, not a single one. Check it yourself, using tools like ‘grammarly’, invite proofreading, do all you can.

2. Documents

You can’t get any job (legal ones) unless you prove that you have rights to work. Preparing the proof documents can save you lots of time to start work immediately.

  • academic transcript
  • Primary id / passport
  • national police check / police clearance certificate
  • others: working with vulnerable people, WHS certificates, etc.

3. Interview

I faced two types of questions, 60% behavior and 40% technique. Therefore, really rehearse on behavioral questions. Don’t answer in 1 or 2 sentences and stop in several seconds. For example, “How do you solve conflicts in the workplace?”, “What was the worst time in one of your past projects and how do you deal with that?”. It will be hard to “improvise” so that you need to prepare.

That’s all for now. I will start to prepare my first day to work!

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@ollieisollie Congrats on the new job! Thanks for sharing the tips.


@OllieisOllie Great tips on applying for a job! Many people don’t take it seriously and try to just wing it. Good luck at your new job!

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I agree with you to prepare for questions in advance. It’s true you aren’t going to know the exact questions but there are many websites that share typical interview questions. Answer using STAR and you have a great starting point for well-thought out answers that highlight your qualities. Plus there are lots of websites geared to employment which share a lot of general hiring information, too.

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@savingsmama Thank you for the kind words!

Everyone please feel free to follow up more tips and I hope more people can benefit from this thread.