Some tips on gaining experience for "work at home" customer service jobs?


Due to sudden financial burdens, I’m struggling to be able to pay for things with the part-time fast food job I have and would like to obtain a work at home job. I don’t have any experience, though…Can anyone give me any tips, please?


First off, think of all the things in your current job that would look good on a resume… Fast food requires a lot of time management, customer service, cash handling, organizational skills, conflict resolution, cleanliness, etc. Don’t discount the skills you already have, just because it’s ‘fast food’. Don’t lie, but don’t sell yourself short. Also, for each skill you list, think of a situation that you used it, just in case they ask.


I’d like to echo what JeremyM suggested. Don’t discount the skills you already have. The Penny Hoarder’s staff writer Adam Hardy wrote about transferable skills and how to highlight them earlier this year. Check out the post here. Also, you might find our posts about how to write a resume and a cover letter helpful.


Gosh, you guys… these two suggestions are so helpful. Esp about your skills. I’ve been wondering about using the skills from my previous job of which I was at for 14 yrs, to find a new job in a diff line. Now figuring out how they will transfer and sound beneficial is my challenge. I tend to downplay myself, so it is difficult.

Try a resume builder app or website even most job posting boards will have resume suggestions. And also 14 years is a long time to develop skills, you are a beast, just reword your daily tasks.
ex: cashier

skills could be listed as…client facing customer service in a fast paced environment,

if you opened store cards or store credit…new account acquisition and payment processing

if you took payments for layaways…account reconciliation, accounts payable, payment processing etc

you can be creative but don’t lie, and make sure you put that you are highly adaptable and excited to be trained in any new aspects or skills that your employer believes would help you be not just a suitable employee but an upwardly mobile employee. Make sure you give yourself credit for any problems you solved for your last employer and emphasize that you were a loyal employee for 14 plus years and would not have left we’re or not for the climate of today’s economy due to Covid, because no employer wants a job bunny!

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Never downplay you hard earned skills and never underestimate the value of experience! So many postings list right at the top some desired degree but most hiring managers know that work and real world experience is much more valuable than a someone with a degree but no idea how to execute that knowledge.

I’ve advanced easily when I choose to demonstrate my skills and being competitive and having an over achiever mindset I take the "only applicants with such and such degree should apply " as a challenge if I know I can do the job.