Work from home/no experience!

I use to be a caregiver and decided to work from home, unfortunately that’s all the experience I have. I’m having EXTREME difficulties finding a WFH job because that’s all I know how to do! I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me. I’m trying transcription and not doing very well! I do have basic typing skills, but there’s no way I can type 70WPM. I’m pretty much failing at every job lead I find. I really need some income and I do do surveys but I want to say… Will I ever be able to find a WFH job that will support me financially? (That I qualify for.) I don’t think I’m a very good candidate for customer service. Please help me! ?

I have just run across this company here there are no upfront costs but, they seem legit. Click this link here if your interested

Thank you. I’m going to check it out.

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Looking in on it now! Thanks

Angela, Take a look at this one is a eco-system were you can make some residual income, it’s good because the tools need it for the affiliates you make money, take a look.