Need advice on working from home

Hi everyone, I’m 47 and married to a wonderful man. I have several serious illnesses but my mind if fine. I have tried to work from home before, but it was either a bust. I can write just about anything, and I was an English teacher for 9 years. Does anyone have any legitimate places where I could write, edit, etc. for a fair amount? Thank you for your help.


Southern Mimi, you need to get to immediately and subscribe. You can subscribe month-to-month up to a year’s subscription. I have found writing jobs on there myself since 2015 when I semi-retired as a technical writer. I also use it to look for editing jobs as that is my focus now. Good luck.

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@southern.mimi With your experience, you might be able to find some good paying jobs on, I have personally done some writing jobs on there. While you have to be selective, there are some great companies that pay good money for writers on there.

There is also a website that I have been subscribed to for quite some time. They are constantly putting out lots of great information about companies hiring writers.

You can also sometimes find companies hiring writers on The Penny Hoarder’s Work from Home portal.

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I had the same issue! I was born physically disabled but I am mentally fine. I even managed to get my Masters degree. I taught in the traditional classroom but it was to much for my body. Eventually after a lot of soul searching I found my solution… tutoring! I have been tutoring for the past 3 years and now I started an online tutoring platform (preston education (dot) com )so people can teach from home.


You could try yourself as an online teacher. Not necessarily an academic one. What can you do well? Cooking, knitting, embroidery… Whatever you like. I’m a math tutor at but this website has a Hobbies tab where people can learn absolutely anything, e.g. jewelry making or scrapbooking. You can choose any schedule you like and this is really a good way of working from home and making money. Try yourself!

You can also look at, it’s free and they also have a fb following…Gd luck?

Hi @southern.mimi.

If you’re just getting a start writing, look into these top freelancing websites. They can help you build up a portfolio and land better paying writing gigs in the future.

If you have formal work experience as a writer, I would recommend looking into remote writing jobs. As @moore.income mentioned above, The Penny Hoarder has its own work-from-home jobs portal. Next to customer service and tech support, writing jobs are the most popular.

In regards to your illness, you may be able to qualify for Social Security’s “Ticket to Work” program. One SSA partner, My Employment Options, helps ticket holders find national work-from-home jobs, and their services are completely free.

Hope this helps and good luck!


This is good stuff, Adam.

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I know some people that work for VipKid. They make decent money and enjoy it. The only requirement is a degree. You teach kids English online.

Thank you- in addition to myself, I have a close friend very interested in this!

You might check out

I am more focused on writing about financial topics, but they offer all kinds of jobs.

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I have an online business I love and truly started just for me! I have a day job for now but once I’m making the income I’m content with by, bye, getting up early!! I help people save on bills they already pay! It’s so fulfilling!! I can share more if needed! Happy to help other people

Is it a franchise? Is there cold-calling?

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I’m not if you have heard about this website name: fiverr if not there is the link: they looking for writers and more…

No cold calling. You save people money on bills they all ready pay. You also feed hungry children. If you would like more information I can send it to you by email.

Hello @southern.mimi if you are good at writing then you should start writing for blogs, websites and other digital media companies you can find a lot of freelance jobs that you could do from your home you would get paid on hourly basis or project based look over for writing jobs on or you could also check out or for hourly based work

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