Disabled work from home jobs?

Can anyone help me with this question? Legitimate jobs for an older person.

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Hi, @Vicki Farrington. Try RatRaceRebellion.com. I haven’t tried them myself, but they’ve gotten good reviews and people seem to find jobs through them.

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I found a great job thru Indeed.com part time and I am on disability. I am 64 years old and found the perfect job, perfect hours and pay is good too. It just takes perseverance. What information Vicki were you after exactly. I know my state, state of NJ disability allows you to earn up to 1300 gross per month when working and collecting disability. Hope that answers your question. Of course you need to report all income. Every state has different requirements for working adults collecting disability income. Just check with your state website or call Social Security Disability.

I’ve been told that I’m “grandfathered in” and cannot work or I’ll lose my benefits. I can’t afford to lose my medicare/social security benefits. I have good days and bad days on the good days u feel guilty because I’m not working. I do some volunteer work for our local food pantry and ministerial association by helping less fortunate families with their bills. I used to volunteer for the American Red Cross but gave that up due to covid-19.

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Indeed is good use keyword remote. The pennyhoarder job site is good because they check them out. Jackson hewitt hired remote seasonal client care agents. I’m a sup there and we are still hiring. Good luck.

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Thank you

Linda Woodcock, would you mind saying the title or job description of the good job you have? I’m 73 in Florida. Arthritis in my hands makes a lot of jobs out of reach, so to speak. Looking for ideas that I might be able to do part-time. I can be creative!

Would house or pet sitting be too much for you? I know people aren’t traveling much right now but once everyone is vaccinated, I bet people will be traveling more afterwords.

Paisleygirl… many many thanks for your excellent idea! House sitting is OK, Pet sitting involves allergies and maybe not so clean an environment?

I’m CAREFULLY looking into Companies that advertise on your car!

I’ll update you when successful…

I’m in the same boat. And online is the way to go!

Getting the skills&qualifications is the biggie for me now!

I am a permanent resident at Turfhall Cheshire Home in Cape Town, South Africa.

The hard lockdown we had really made things pretty clear.