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You have a unique set of skills hun. and just because your at home doesn’t mean you still can’t teach. there is a very broad work at home space for Tutors. It makes good money, you a;ready have the skill set for it. so go for it, you occasionally need to Skype if that’s ok.

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Work from home and find your financial freedom.

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I’m a mother of 4 kids and it is hard for me and my husband to work so i’m a stay at home wife and it’s still hard because he’s the only one working. How can I make money from home.

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Hello Corletta and everyone else who is replying to this post its really hard to manage incomes this time of the year and for a house wife such as your self you can make an opportunity by finding out what you are good at and start doing it if you can teach you can fing students here visit and teach them through skype or any other platform or you should search for all the categories and find out what you love and are good at and start earning for your own i would be here to guide you if you need any help with it just get out there and grab any opportunity you can to change your life for good

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Aimal Naseem